This fall, YOU choose the songs I’ll sing for you!

For me, there is no greater compliment than hearing that a song I wrote has become "our song" for another couple. It means so much to me to know that a song of mine can instantly transport you back to another place, time, or person in your life.

I will be heading out on tour to play a series of intimate shows inspired by the songs that resonate most with you. I want to hear from you personally: what songs speak to you and why? The shows will be built from your stories and memories: the songs you request are what I will sing!

Submit your stories and requests below and you could have your dedication played at the show in your town!

We may not all be songwriters, but we all have a story, and for every great story there is a perfect soundtrack. I look forward to dedicating this tour to you!

- Jill


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Tell me the story behind your request and what it means to you. How did you discover the song? What are your memories with the song? Who or what does it bring you back to?